Archive: July 2007

so friday came and i hired a car. haven’t driven for a long time so i took is for a spin on my own, and visited my ma. she was happy to see me, chilled there with her for an hour and got back to cardiff… pumping sicknote on my journey home, and fuck it sounded good. i parked up at paul’s and had a guiness with him and laure, they seemed really happy, she looked amazing with her shades…

so i stuck half my records on ebay and today they went for £266, exactly what i owe for the council tax for their first installment… CUNTS!! x

Really looking forward to the BATTLES gig i’m organising in The Point, Cardiff Bay, August 2oth . Their album is mental and the video for Atlas always gets me going: click here to watch the vid

you wanna know why the fuck she is famous??? its all here!!

hello! here is a fantastic article written by the soon to be legendary Manky Pasty that neatly sums up the madness of Big Toe’s Leaving Party!!! click here