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An article from Owen Adams for The Guardian newspaper: Getting off at the wrong bus stop led me to an otherworld of free festivals and brilliant bands. Just don’t expect to read about Tragic Roundabout or the Tofu Love Frogs in the music press And the award for hardest-working artist on the festival circuit goes to … Florence and the Machine? Hot Chip? Dizzee Rascal? Not likely. It’s the DIY stars who really deserve the props – relished by veterans…

a guest posting from Doghouse: NELSON SUMMER FETE 27/8/06 -“The scarecrow mocks” The usual introduction to the Sicknote set, “Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the Redneck County Clubhouse Band”, was tinged with irony when Sicknote walked on stage at Nelson ‘Festival’; for this most surely was, indeed, redneck country. On first arrival, the colourful bunting, marquees, beer tent and generally chilled out vibes gave the impression of a typical, tolerant, Welsh family day out, but beneath this innocuous…

people keep asking for my remixes…. well here are most of them on my debut album, in case you aint got it…… just click it to download: i will be remastering it and it will be availabe on CD some time after the Summer. SAFE!

SickNote: a shaven-headed, even more dilapidated version of the Prodigy, who played their own brand of drum’n’bass and breakbeat electro. An eager crowd less than half their age manically threw shapes.


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