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What have WE got in Store for you!?!?!?! 1st up we have managed to get round the copyright problems we had on LAST.FM with DJ TOMMY TANK and we have his DEBUT album up for grabs TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!!! i know a lot of people have been waiting for this butey and i can assure you its a stonker featuring The Specials, Sicknote, Duffy, Madonna, Lipps Inc., The Beat, Ray Charles and LOADS more…check out our TWITTER update for links…

so it’s sunday, and all’s gone quiet.. So, The TANTRUM remix LAB has released the 2009 re-mastered version of PHONE IN SICK with The Flapsandwich ReRub and Tommy Tank Bootleg, they’re here and their sounding Fat and they are free!!!! Sicknote – Phone In Sick (2009 re-mastered studio version) Sicknote – Phone In Sick (Flapsandwich ReRub) Sicknote – Phone In Sick (Tommy Tank Bootleg)Enjoy!!! Monday 26th January is National Phone in Sick Day!

is born,….. 1st REMIX from The TANTRUM remix LAB: 14/12/08RAY CHARLES vs DJ TOMMY TANK – Hit The Remix Jackclick this for your FREE download:YOUR FREE TRACK join the movement and look out for a TASTY elbow remix next Sunday..xx

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