yeh, we released our Tantrum Records Taster compilation CD ‘covert subert’ in 2009 at sub29 in Cardiff. We sprayed and burned and made all the CDs oursleves to give out FREE to everyone who turned up to the party… all the bands who donated a track for the CD played, and the vibe was kicking right through til the end of the night when Rob Love from Alabama 3 turned up and had a Jam with Cosmo, Ninjah, Doghouse and ex-sicknote rhythm section The Oracle and Grinder (aka Nick and Alka). what a classic night.


The next day the complaints started coming in. The FREE cd people received on entry to the gig seemed to be blank for a few people. then over the course of the week, we realised there must have been a hundred or more people with a FREE BLANK CD from tantrum. Who’s fault? fucknose.. partly me, Flapsandwich, partly Johnny No-Cash who was helping out burning… anyways we offered up the album as a FREE download so people could burn it onto their blank disc if they so wished… with the added bonus of : IF THEY DIDNT LIKE IT, they could burn whatever the hell they wanted on the disc!!!! aren’t we fucking good to you!!!!! we think if you were lucky enough to be the proud owner of the blank CD, and you still got it, it might be worth a fortune one day!! probably not tho.


and now!!!
COVERT SUBERT VOL 2 is on it’s way…
again we will throw a party to launch it (probably in August keep your eye out!!!) and the CD will be free to everyone who attends and also posted free to the top 100 people who have supported Tantrum and the shop the most over the last couple of years… (thank yoooooou!!) xxxx

but, will it be blank?

you’ll have to wait and see!!

Happy Fathers Day




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