all music at Tantrum Records is completely FREE!!!
We average 1,000 downloads across the world per week and it’s great that the music is spreading like it is…
we do everything we can to ensure all music is delivered to you for FREE DOWNLOAD… but sometimes we hit times where we struggle!!!

to host our catalogue of almost 300 downloads on Soundcloud costs us about £40 a month… when the money’s not in the bank all the catalogue disappears until we cough up…. As you have probably noticed we are in this situation now.

There are other costs we incur when giving out freebies such as The Covert Subvert compilation albums and stickers etc. and there are fortnightly costs to broadcast on Brap FM. Also we try and keep the shop stocked with the finest T-Shirts, Vinyl, CDs and other merch for all of you, the Party Heads.
Also we need to try and cover our time in finding and delivering you the best songs and mixes we can, but as yet no one has taken a wage from Tantrum.

Anyways…. in order to help us keep going feel free to buy ANYTHING from the SHOP as it all helps tremendously and this is currently our ONLY income source.


Thanks for your continued support.
Everyone who has bought from our shop enters a database and when things are good we’ll send you free goodies in the post or by email…. we’ll never bombard you with advertising, just goodies!!!



TANTRUM 'splatt' T-Shirt Launched this Sunday in Canton, Cardiff.




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