so this website is coming together fookin’ lovely, well happy with it. been uploading most of the archive to the music tab, click up there^ and you can get lods of FREE tantrum records music for download, including The Physicists, Sicknote, Foggerton, Tommy Tank, dumBass and loads more……..also got the 3 remix lab albums for free too, just look around and help yourself!!!! look out for brand new tantrum stuff next month too!!!

so today i went for brekky with doghouse at the lovely (but toiletless) Servini’s

yesterday he lost the plot on me about all these things that were doing his head in with Sicknote and i was like ok, let’s meet and express ya concerns, but none of them come out over breakfast. hungover. we made some pretty sick plans and ideas tho, should meet more often i think.

-I came back to HQ and discovered my back up hard-drive for all of 2010’s work has indeed died. after i tripped over it’s wire and sent it flying across my room, i been too scared to plug it in, but i did today and yip… it’s all gone.. the lot. KAPUT. so my head is in the shed about that one.. but what can i do? Just need to move on… and keep creating… and not think of all that shit i just lost 😮 Fookinell :/ gutted.

So i made the Tantrum Dance video then, with the backing track from my Gay Bar Re-Rub… with footage from an actual 1960s dance called the Tantrum Dance!!! Trying to embed it in the sidebar of my website over there>>>> but can’t seem to get it to work.. ah well, here tis:

Next up, i have promised Eggy of Dapper FM a remix of Leftfield‘s Phat Planet by tomorrow for his show at 8pm, and Filth has jsut booked the jam room for Sicknote to learn Benefit Cheat tomorrow at 1pm….. so i need to get on it now… I’m about half way… so back to it, i’ll post the remix up here tomorrow after his show..
but be sure to tune in.



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