so i woke after a 14 hour sleep and decided to hop  on the bike…. i cycled to st fagans and chilled by a river for a while….. nice to suck in some nature..

i headed back and bumped into Ninjah at the farmers market opposite Millenium Stadium.
We headed back to Tantrum Towers.
Ninjah cooked up a Rastaman Meal and with our new energy we headed into my studio…
I have been trying to work with Ninjah for some time, but he has been partnered up with producer extraordinaire Frank Naughton, for his first two albums.
I listened to the albums….
the first i found  bit weak and not enuff kick ass bass……
the second is a masterpiece, with very clever Zappa-esque production, intricate layouts and layering, brilliant vocal performances and excellent vocal production.
BUT, i still found something lacking.
to bring out the best of Ninjah i think his humour should shine thru and take the forefront and the beats shold be fat, so that they would work on a dancefloor. And it needs to be Raw…

So we sat down tinkled about for a few hours and come up with our first ever song….
we slapped together a DIY stolen video for it and Ninjah went off down to Buffalo and a few other bars to get them to spin it and see what the reaction might be like…..
A phone call from the legend later that evening confirmed that this song is a winner… with DJs requesting a copy of it and dance floors winding their ass to it, less than an hour aftrer we finished it.
here it is, Ninjahs first tune with Flappy at the controls….
Many more to come! 
I am fully aware my production skills are a long way away from the genius that is Frank Naughton, but i do hope that my simple raw style will work on a few tracks and offer a slightly different take on what Ninjah has to offer.

Ninjah – APACHE

Ninjah Fan Page


I came all the way from Chester for this Shite
alien dinosaur fight to drum n bass....amazing special effects.


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