i have finally worked out how to play LIVE in the mix with my own tunes!!!

All tunes in the new LIVE mix are made by me and were mixed and rubbed LIVE in my bedroom yesterday (6th May 2011) as a warm up for my debut performance at Feral Disco last night….

here is the LIVE mix FREE to download, share, play, blast from the rooftops, stick on ya ipod, send to ya friends, and smash your nut against a wall to… (thanks to Norris Nuvo for the art work)

IT all went tit’s up at the venue, Floyds, after we were first invaded by 100 chavs who wedged themselves in the venue making it impossible for us to set up at the start of the night. After the orange biceps and ironed haired freaks fucked off we set up our set up. Which was a mission due to half of the venue’s equipment missing, which resulted in me getting soaked in the rain and making fucknose how many journeys to get it on…. only to be told when we got it going to TURN IT OFF. why? fucknose… something to do with the council. ffs. so we packed up.
What a complete fucking shambles.

Luckily Netty offered us to go to the infamous Fancy Dress Shop and do the show… this place was the breeding ground for the birth of Sicknote and so serendipity stepped in and sent me where i should have planned the DEBUT gig all along….
so we headed over there set up and i played the DEBUT FLAPSANDWICH LIVE SET!!! seemed to go quite well, sound was a bit shit and it was about 783degrees in there and Netty was charging us £39 per carefully measured droplet of Rum. i stuck round after the set for a while and had some nice chats… but looking how MUNTED the people were made me feel like i didnt wanna be munted as i feel like i’ve just pieced it all back together from Portugal (which is another story). Just.

So we fucked off home and stayed up til sunrise laughing 🙂

the TOP 10 most popular FREE tracks from TANTRUM (april 2011)


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