above: Knuckles RIP

to make something spread you need to remove all barriers in getting it. right?
or maybe not?
What about making something completely unavailable?
Make people curious, does that help ideas spread better?

so this experiment is to see which creates the most buzz.

So today i will talk about a track that is unavailable… a Sicknote track. I’m going to use this one:

BANKMAN SKANK , quite fitting with the current state of the country!!!

So, this, which has a bit of a reggae feel, i believe doesn’t exist anywhere on the interweb… it’s a bit different for Sicknote.
It will appear on ‘EPIDEMIC’, the live album which is due out on May 1st…

I will talk about it on facebook and stuff and see if i can get people excited as much as they do when we just give a track away freely.

So.,.. BANKMAN SKANK, sicknote go reggae? maybe not////
watch this space it’s coming soon…

i will compare the results to recent freebie Pikey Drum n Bass which we banged out for free.
Check back in a day or two and i’ll update you. X

any thoughts or opinions on this greatly welcomed as i am absolutely clueless what to think on this…

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