does anyone care how many people are interested in the whole Tantrum thing?
fucknose! Let us know… we will never mention it again if you don’t care….
but what is happening?
Well the youtube channel hit a quarter of a million views last week… and is averaging 3,500 hits a week with no promo. Can’t be bad.
The most popular in the last month being Bez on Stage with Sicknote and the Leftfield Remix of the Sex Pistols.

The Soundcloud download site, that hosts all our free music is approaching 10,000 mp3 downloads (since March). The most popular mp3s May-June:

we are delivering direct to you, music we love: ie. MP3s to your computer / ipod for free. We don’t believe in charging for MP3s. We believe in sharing the best music for free. We only charge you for QUALITY PRODUCTS or LIVE EXPERIENCES…

Any ideas how we can build this thing, or spread it further, so as the industry collapses around us, we show the record companies that there is a new way of doing things. We are always looking for input. What do you want? How can you help Tantrum spread the music it supports? While keeping it’s underground tribal feel? Let us know if you got any ideas, or if you’d like to get involved in any way.

Tantrum Birthday Party and meeting Bez




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