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all the free music on TANTRUM RECORDS is now available again thanks to all the people who supported us when we cried for help, you know who you are!!!! There are currently 247 free tracks available, a mixture of DJ sets, radio shows, banging remixes, and original material from various bands and DJs…

The shop hit a real busy one the last few days after we cried for help when funds dried up and we could no longer afford our hosting fees!!!

We are pleased to announce that we got enough money in through the shop yesterday to re-activate our Music Archive!! So, all music on Tantrum Records is now downloadable for FREE again, just surf around this site and help yourself!

Big ThANKS to the following people who have helped out LOADS in the last few days:

FLakey as Fuk
Sister Gashington
Paul Peach
Johnny No-Cash
Bizarre Destiny (our Canadian connection)
La Joie
Norris Nuvo
Rev Dread
Dr Wrong
Becci Boo
Mr & Mrs Cook
Peter Edmunds
Rhiannon Critchley
Stevie Gee
Shaun LL
Julie Rainbow
Ed Clark
Stanislav Adamec
Jackie Rees Thomas
Mel @ Vintage Quilts
Chris Janes
Esther Floisand
Gareth Williams
Demi Watkins
Kay Beckett
Joel Calvert
Panda Moanium

and everyone else who is behind us.

Look out for Covert Subvert Vol 2 (a tantrum records sampler compilation CD) coming some time in July (& FREE to everyone who has helped us out and supported the Tantrum Movement)

Happy Fathers Day


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