so we head off to Camarthen on Friday and land in The Waterside again after 2 years absence..

Doughouse put on his boxing glove and slipped into character, twatting people and causing the usual havoc.. we played a great show with Freshold supporting, they were ok – got a good reception although i found the jamiroquai wannabe rapper dude a bit irritating…

we headed off to matt vinyls with a crate in hand..

he brought us into his music room which consisted of a a FAT vinyl collection some proper bud and a set of decks. SAFE/

throuh out the night we listened to him get more and more excited as we got more and more wasted as he played us all his favourite music. sicknote began to drop like flies… one by one moving upstairs to crash.. suddenly it was me, dog, matt and half a crate of lager.

mat introduced me to Ninja Sonik and Th Death Set wich i really loved and got me excited about where music is going he played some wicked electronic shit and redefined to me what ELECTRO PUNK is… i have a head full of ideas now.

i thought im gunna have a toke for the first time in ears and do that crate in. 11am i crashed out. gettinf up at 1.

back into the dickmobile and we headed off. it seemed strange but without Filth in the front we seemed to have NO problem with directions or wrong turning or getting lost or taking FUCkING ages gettiing anywhere…

stopped off in Lampeter at Dai’s cafe had a fat brekky each, picked up a huge funeral hat for Doghous and headed off for THE RARE ONE in Aberystwyth,,,

after a quick sound check we realsied it was the same people who dun the sound in Small Nations Festival which is probably the fattest sound we’ve ever had. SAAAAFe.

we were all a bit wasted and after an average performance and a fucking huge bouncing crowd in front of us i finally relaxed.

other acts on the night were FUOD, Anomalies and X-PRESS 2 – top night all round really!

dog pulled and got a bit mingin in the changin room, nowhe thinks he’s bastard Pete Stringfellow. conker had two girls trying to bonk him much to his disgust…and jonny failed agin… filth shot off to his nans and we all headed back at 3am…

in an absoulte fucking monsoooon. we risked our lives in dickies ice cream van… and fucknose how we got home alive… i couldnt see a ucking thing out the window as we swerved all over the fucking place finally arrive home at 8am.

fucking shit blog- i cant write anymore.

sick update
Thimbleberry...and Conkers Bday...


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