Release Date: 16 September 2009
Label: TANTRUM records
Synopsis: Live recording of the first ever gig.

On the 14th of March 2005 Johan Flapsandwich and Doghouse met at The Hawaiian on City Road, Cardiff.

Doghouse mentioned that he’d performed the night before at Jacuzzi Junta, at Chapter Arts Centre – improvising lyrics over some electronic backing.

Although the crowd had been indifferent, he was keen to get back into performing with his voice; in fact he’d bought a mic two years ago with this in mind, but none of the local musicians took him seriously. Johan expressed surprise, not realising that Doghouse was a vocalist, and told him that he made music and maybe they should get together sometime for a jam. Doghouse went home that night excited, and the next day told his partner everything. She suggested he give Johan a ring, and just at that moment the phone rang. It was Mr. Flapsandwich himself suggesting they get together that afternoon.

Doghouse bought a bottle of wine and went round there to be played some of the tunes Johan had been creating. The chemistry was there instantly and Doghouse ran home to get his mic. The afternoon was spent jamming and a definite sound was formed. The buzz was overwhelming.

Three days later they were asked to play live at The Old Howardian Club, Clifton Street, Cardiff.

The gig was recorded live from the mixing desk onto mini disc. The three tunes captured represent Sicknote at their most minimal; Flapsandwich at the controls and Doghouse oozing stream of consciousness meanderings. The audience stayed well away from the spectacle, tapping their feet in unison, their backs against the wall, but Sicknote were born and there was no going back.



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the re-rubs vol.1
Just Business [sicknote]


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