brand new single from Sicknote released today! check it out here: you can own a fat mp3 of this song now by paying whatever the hell you like for it! just click this: select your amount…anything you like, and then an exclusive earlybird download link for the song will be emailed to you within 24hours. safe

we lost the Tantrum Records website for a while there due to lack of funding for our FREE TUNES to be hosted and other web costs… WE have sold a lot in the Tantrum Shop luckily since the launch of the sicknote vinyl and now we are back in business… please browse around the site n download anything you like the sound of completely free. all we ask you to do in return is tell your best mate about it. Next up from Tantrum:…….. Summer Sounds ’09 album (rare free CD from infamous PIMP vs TANTRUM Manchester party) Flapsandwich Re-Rubs Vol 2 (part deux due in the next week or so) Covert Subvert Vol 2 (our schitzo compilation is back in September!) The Sandwich Show FINALE!!!!! Tantrum Remix LAb trilogy and T-shirt! and brand new sicknote shit on the way!! it’s all happening…. keep it locked.

THE SANDWICH SHOW RIP March 10th 2010 – June 15th 2011 a big shout out to all the guests that appeared on the show…. Gee Spoonit Wez G DJ Semantics Cosmo Nitrogen Bad Girlz My Bad Sister Dr Conker Shaun Llewelyn Lord Muttly Julie Truly Kaptin Marjory Forceps Grooveslave Lovely Gav Sawtooth Syko Sis & Schmindie Bindie (Katy & Dawn) Art Hooligan Spankwagon Doghouse Jim Rozell Sparticus Nate Dawg Cakehole Presley Bobby Singh DJ Runo B Pickle Sicknote Rev. Dread Thanks for sharing your music, talent, ideas and shit with us…. And a huge thanks to Kath who made us do it… And a massive shout to all you the listeners… And all others who have participated and gatecrashed. Safe AS FUck Foggerton, Tommy, Flapsandwich, Ninjah xxx look out for the DVD and T-shirt coming soon.

our resident sick visual artist has put together a pretty twisted delight for your pleasure!!! drop us a comment and let us know what you think! Cheers.

there’s a brand new collaboration from Sicknote and My Bad Sister, of which 100 free downloads were offered, but these flew out in a few minutes!!! We have decided to offer another 50 just due to overwhelming popular demand, EXCLUSIVE to this website (just click ME quickly!) It will be availble again very soon as part of a new Sicknote release… (with video from our twisted resident movie man, Norris Nuvo, on it’s way after the weekend). You can hear the song here, please leave a comment and let us know what you think… also The Tantrum Remix Lab Vol 3 is coming to a close with only TWO more tracks due, which will complete the trilogy. When this happens we will release the Remix Lab Tees and triple CD packs!!! The tenth tune in vol 3 was released yesterday, download by clicking ME, or check it out here:   ______________________________________________________________________________________ coming VERY soon!!! COVERT SUBVERT volume 2 – a tantrum records sampler… a CD packed full of the most exciting underground sounds of 2011….keep it locked. thanks for all the feedback, support and input in helping us spread the tantrum vibe. X

yeh, we released our Tantrum Records Taster compilation CD ‘covert subert’ in 2009 at sub29 in Cardiff. We sprayed and burned and made all the CDs oursleves to give out FREE to everyone who turned up to the party… all the bands who donated a track for the CD played, and the vibe was kicking right through til the end of the night when Rob Love from Alabama 3 turned up and had a Jam with Cosmo, Ninjah, Doghouse and ex-sicknote rhythm section The Oracle and Grinder (aka Nick and Alka). what a classic night.   The next day the complaints started coming in. The FREE cd people received on entry to the gig seemed to be blank for a few people. then over the course of the week, we realised there must have been a hundred or more people with a FREE BLANK CD from tantrum. Who’s fault? fucknose.. partly me, Flapsandwich, partly Johnny No-Cash who was helping out burning… anyways we offered up the album as a FREE download so people could burn it onto their blank disc if they so wished… with the added bonus of : IF THEY DIDNT LIKE IT, they could burn whatever the hell they wanted on the disc!!!! aren’t we fucking good to you!!!!! we think if you were lucky enough to be the proud owner of the blank CD, and you still got it, it might be worth a fortune one day!! probably not tho.   and now!!! COVERT SUBERT VOL 2 is on it’s way… again we will throw a party to launch it (probably in August keep your eye out!!!) and the CD will be free to everyone who attends and also posted free to the top 100 people who have supported Tantrum and the shop the most over the last couple of years… (thank yoooooou!!) xxxx but, will it be blank? you’ll have to wait and see!!

Today is Snapped Up Market in Canton from Midday…. come along… bring ya dad…. loads of Tantrum Records goodies discounted and brand new products for sale!!! More info HERE.   happy fathers day

all the free music on TANTRUM RECORDS is now available again thanks to all the people who supported us when we cried for help, you know who you are!!!! There are currently 247 free tracks available, a mixture of DJ sets, radio shows, banging remixes, and original material from various bands and DJs… The shop hit a real busy one the last few days after we cried for help when funds dried up and we could no longer afford our hosting fees!!! We are pleased to announce that we got enough money in through the shop yesterday to re-activate our Music Archive!! So, all music on Tantrum Records is now downloadable for FREE again, just surf around this site and help yourself! Big ThANKS to the following people who have helped out LOADS in the last few days: FLakey as Fuk Sister Gashington Paul Peach Johnny No-Cash Bizarre Destiny (our Canadian connection) La Joie Ninjah Norris Nuvo Rev Dread Dr Wrong Becci Boo Mr & Mrs Cook Peter Edmunds Rhiannon Critchley Stevie Gee Shaun LL Julie Rainbow Ed Clark Stanislav Adamec Jackie Rees Thomas Mel @ Vintage Quilts Chris Janes Esther Floisand Gareth Williams Demi Watkins Kay Beckett Joel Calvert Panda Moanium and everyone else who is behind us. Look out for Covert Subvert Vol 2 (a tantrum records sampler compilation CD) coming some time in July (& FREE to everyone who has helped us out and supported the Tantrum Movement)

all music at Tantrum Records is completely FREE!!! We average 1,000 downloads across the world per week and it’s great that the music is spreading like it is… we do everything we can to ensure all music is delivered to you for FREE DOWNLOAD… but sometimes we hit times where we struggle!!! to host our catalogue of almost 300 downloads on Soundcloud costs us about £40 a month… when the money’s not in the bank all the catalogue disappears until we cough up…. As you have probably noticed we are in this situation now. There are other costs we incur when giving out freebies such as The Covert Subvert compilation albums and stickers etc. and there are fortnightly costs to broadcast on Brap FM. Also we try and keep the shop stocked with the finest T-Shirts, Vinyl, CDs and other merch for all of you, the Party Heads. Also we need to try and cover our time in finding and delivering you the best songs and mixes we can, but as yet no one has taken a wage from Tantrum. Anyways…. in order to help us keep going feel free to buy ANYTHING from the SHOP as it all helps tremendously and this is currently our ONLY income source.   Thanks for your continued support. Everyone who has bought from our shop enters a database and when things are good we’ll send you free goodies in the post or by email…. we’ll never bombard you with advertising, just goodies!!! Safe, Big LOVE. x

This Sunday is the launch of the brand new Tantrum SPLATT (5th birthday) tee… come down and get your exclusive tee before anyone else does!! also on offer will be discounted sicknote BENEFIT CHEAT t-shirts, DEATH BEFORE EMPLOYMENT, INBRED, Tantrum Classics, one off  ‘GIVE UP THE DAY JOB’ tees (unique colours), CDs, Vinyl and plenty of pegs of course!!! TANTRUM RECORDS at SNAPPED UP MARKET : free event held by PRINTHAUS Cardiff. The Printhaus in Cardiff is holding its snapped up market, based around its screen-printing business it allows creatives from all areas of screen printing, art and craftmakers to come together and show off their creative products. The summer one is always the best, outside stalls, local beers, djs and BBQ. SUNDAY 19th JUNE 12pm-6pm | free entry THE PRINTHAUS 70a Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff. CF11 9NL facebook event

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