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so we headed off to Hereford to celebrate the birthday s of Russell , Bagrat, Flakey and Me…… on the journey in the Sickmobile we could see The Plough, consellation…. fixed bright as fuck in front of the van just above the horizon surrounded by a real deep purple sky and the window was open and we sped towards our party, smoking cigarettes and chatting……….. wheres orion belt said someone, what about Jeff Goldbulms cock remarked the Filth…….. JOhnny No-Cash…

Doghouse Performance with Mr. Fox Detox

sicknote is in turmoil… might of lost our bassist (oracle) and drummer (grinder), and doghouse’s situation with his family is in a bad shape…. we’re in debt at nearly 4k, and sian thinks she’s the manager – although she doesnt seem to be doing anything for us. im on a come down from a mad one in brecon, and i cant find reality, x