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Cosmo, Flapsandwich and friends have got together again, with Ninjah in the director’s chair, to produce a Christmas smash like no other! After the success of their last two singles. On the Goulash filmed on the Magic roundabout was the most read story on Wales on line for a week, and their follow up Cheap Baccy filmed on Splott’s Clifton Street racked up 100,000 views. This time, on a more sombre note, their new single is a take on Jona…

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http://youtube.com/v/FC9SsLQOyCE footage of Peking’s (Beijing) Tiananmen Square Massacre -set to the haunting, painfully dark anthem -CRAZY- from Tianäman

Seth was talking about marketing HOPE.Selling Hope. How would this fit in to marketing bands? Any idea?